In case you’ve never seen this before, you’re welcome.

a kitchen sink to youis not a kitchen sink to meokay friend?|-/
me: catches deadly virus
me: sick as frick |-/
"Ever since I was 12 years old, when my fascination and obsession with music started, I would get on my skateboard and ride down to the local record store. I’d find the most tattooed guy there and have him recommend me a new album once a week. Then I’d learn it and play it on my drums. With internet and technology, there are some great platforms of discovering music, but I would hate for kids to be deprived of the incredible experience of discovering music through their local record stores. Lets keep record stores alive and well, please."
Josh Dun (via soundofthegeeks)

(via causenobodyknows-hesalive)

Anonymous said: How many followers do you guys have ?

hopefully not a lot because I don’t want to install bars on our windows and a second lock on my door to protect myself those are pretty costly